Kat Kerr - March 10 at 2:33am"Father, My Precious Father, who has caught me up by your Spirit for 20 years to your home called Heaven; I love You with a consecrated, sold out firey LOVE that cannot be quenched nor even affected by mere mortal hate, judgments, curses, accusations or character bashing or trashing; not even realizing that they are actually striking out at you, the one who made them. Because of the great love You have filled me with and because I understand that it is the enemy's desire to hold them in their bondage; i readily forgive each & every one who spoke against me or your plans that you revealed to me. I choose with my Will to loose all negative words directed at me so that they cannot remain to be used by the enemy & I choose to hold nothing against them & ask that Your scribe angels not even write down their words, but act as if they were never spoken.
I ask instead that You help them to be free of any darkness that was deposited in their own souls from their own negative thoughts and words because You created us to release Love, Life & Hope to all. I bless them in Your HOLY name & declare that they will not miss the destiny You have planned for them in this Kingdom Age. May goodness and mercy follow them all the days of their lives. May they all have a face to face encounter with You that they too can feel the manifest ever burning love that flows through Your being that captures and holds those who stand before the Glory of Your throne.
May You give a double blessing to all who simply chose with their will to receive or not receive & did not lash out or crush others for they rightly responded in a way that all Believers should & were a witness to how we should use our souls.
May any of you who were hurt, shocked or wounded by reading any of the bashing comments please do as I have; choose to loose them from your souls that they will have no hold on you and thank you for also asking the Father to forgive those who struck out (it blesses God & tortures the devil) for it will cause the light in you to burn brighter!
The place my heart longs for & runs to is the arms of my heavenly Father, for You are always good and always willing to cover us with Your wings & hold us in Your heart. Thank you for trusting me with Your heart, Your plans & the Glory. CHRIST IN US THE HOPE OF GLORY. Run after it & let nothing stop you for if you seek Him you WILL find HIM. Sweet Dreams & May the Hosts Be with You."